Day 34

Thousand Oaks, CA -> Torrance, CA

Man, the weather was so rough today. Whew - Southern California can be brutal.

Crazy Weather

Topanga Canyon


I ended up taking the Topanga Canyon road south to the coast from Thousand Oaks to avoid all the crazy freeways.

View From the Top of Topanga Canyon Road

View From the Top of Topanga Canyon Road (It's Paved!)

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. There were quite a few commuters trying to get into the LA area through this route too, which made it a little tricky to navigate.

Sped Up To Keep It Short

Hanging Out at the Beach

This brought me to the Pacific Coast Highway, which was absolutely picturesque today.

Pacific Coast Highway

For most of the ride, I was on the beach going through Santa Monica, Venice, and Manhatten Beach.

I Got My First Flat Tire!

As I was riding, it started getting a little bumpy all the sudden. I looked down, and sure enough, my back tire was on the rim.


I’m glad a packed a couple of spare tubes and was able to get it swapped out. It looks like a shard of glass punctured it so that it wouldn’t hold air anymore.

I’m surprised that I’ve gone all this way without any sort of issue like this, but also very thankful at the same time!

Looks like I’ve got some more beach riding on the agenda for tomorrow :)