Day 33

Santa Barbara, CA -> Thousand Oaks, CA

Looking at my route today, I knew it was going to be a long ride at about 65 miles, but if I only knew how long it was really going to be, I might’ve made some different decisions :p

A Little Too Smooth…

I left at around my usual time at 6:00, and getting to the Ventura/Oxnard area was pretty smooth. I thought I was going to have to ride on the freeway along the coast but found that there’s actually a bike trail connected to the freeway.


It’s so weird because I’ve driven that stretch of road so many times and never noticed.


I rode through the beach area where a bunch of people were out surfing.


And saw more palm trees than I’d ever seen before in one place.


I grabbed a bite to eat around 10:30 thinking to myself:

This ride’s not so tough after all. I’ve only got like another hour and a half tops.

Here’s Where It Goes Off the Rails

As some of you may know, there’s a big climb on the freeway into Thousand Oaks, but from what I understood, bikes aren’t allowed on that part of the freeway. So, I looked at a route that went inland a bit, but through some of the hills and popped you up top into Thousand Oaks (it looked good on paper at least.)

So Far So Good

So Far So Good

I got a ways in and came to the beginning of a dirt path.

Red Flag #1

Red Flag #1

Not knowing if there was any other way to go, I pressed on.

Ok, Maybe This Isn't So Bad?

Ok, Maybe This Isn't So Bad?

Then the path began to narrow.

Not Really What I Signed Up For

Not Really What I Signed Up For

And I ran into a makeshift bridge where I had to cross a creek.

But I’ve come so far, do I really want to turn back now?

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Because I have a road bike with all my gear, I really couldn’t ride on these trails, so I had to push my bike with all my packs, slowing me down quite a bit. At this point, it was about noon, and the sun was beating down on me.

Trouble 6

Some of the dirt hills were so steep that my feet were sliding and losing traction as I tried to make my way forward.

A View Looking Back At Part of the Trail

I finally made it through around 1:30 to the end, which culminated in a crescendo of stairs that I lifted and carried my bike and gear up.

Trouble 8

I Made It!

All in all, I’m going to call today a character building exercise. Knock on wood; I’m pretty sure the rest of the journey will be all downhill from here (well not literally, but you get the idea.)

Tomorrow I’ll be in LA!