Day 32

Buellton, CA -> Santa Barbara, CA

Man, this weather has been nuts. It went from sunny and boiling hot to thunderstorms, and today it was muggy, tropical-like weather with dark clouds looming all day. Luckily, I was able to get a good window of time on the road today where I didn’t hit any rain.


So Sad…

At the top of Nojoqui Summit on the 101, I look over while I’m riding and see tons of trash on the side of the highway. Plastic bags, Budweiser cans, snack wrappers, drink cups, etc… all just strewn about. A bunch of it was literally right under a sign that says “$1,000 Fine for Littering”.

I Can't Believe This is a Thing

I Can't Believe This is a Thing

I picked up what I could, fit it into my pack, and dropped it off at a rest stop nearby. Seriously, who just chucks trash out their window while they’re driving by? I can’t even imagine. :(

Movin’ On

Here’s some footage of the descent down the grade on the other side of the summit.

Hey There Future Self

When I got to the coast, I snapped a picture of the bridge that the train uses to come North.

future bridge

I literally waved at my future self, who, 6 days from now will be on that train headed home. When I’m on that train, I’ll be sure to do one of those winky-gun moves back at my past self on the highway. As I write this, my present self, thinks those other two selves are a couple of dorks.

A Little Jolt of Adrenaline

Pretty much the entire ride today was on the 101. For the most part, it works out well. There aren’t a lot of detours, and there’s plenty of shoulder to safely ride with traffic. Well, except for this one part…

65 mph zone, no shoulder over a narrow bridge - that will give you a little jolt of adrenaline for sure if you ever need one.

Getting Into Santa Barbara

Once you’re off the freeway and into Santa Barbara, it’s a pretty pleasant ride through the city.

Santa Barbara

I made the obligatory stop at Chick-fil-A (well, obligatory for me, I can’t get enough of those chicken sandwiches).


Riding downtown, there were several other cyclists, including a dad with his daughter on the back.

She Was Eye-Ballin' Me The Whole Time

She Was Eye-Ballin' Me The Whole Time

Going All Out

I went all out on the accommodations tonight

All Out

Don’t want to get too comfortable; there’s a lot more riding to do tomorrow! There are about 60 miles ahead of me with a steep climb right at the end into Thousand Oaks.

G’night :)