Day 18

Eureka, CA -> Fortuna, CA

I’ve had a few people ask, “Are you going to take any breaks?” I don’t think that I’ll ever stay in one place until I get to Mexico (unless I get injured or something). I’m going at a relatively moderate pace so keeping up hasn’t been an issue so far. However, I may drop down in miles every once in a while, which is what happened today.

On a typical day, I’ll ride between 5-6 hours, but today I dropped it down to a little over 2 for a quick jump down to Fortuna. It felt good to take it easy for a day and give my joints at least a little bit of time to recover.

However, my smooth ride was soon eclipsed by a super rough and steep road that the GPS took me through (Thompkins Hill Road), where I wished I would’ve just stayed on the highway. Oh well, sometimes these side roads work out well and sometimes they don’t.

Thompkins Hill Road

Thompkins Hill Road

Not Gonna Do It

I arrived at Starbucks and camped out there for a while.

I like Starbucks not because I necessarily like their drinks or food, but because it provides a reliable experience where I can pop open my laptop, have some fast Internet and get some work done in a comfortable setting. The other reliable thing about it is I can pretty much count on the fact that when I order a “Large, black iced-tea, no sugar,” I’ll usually get a question back about if I wanted a Venti or perhaps Grande size. To which I’ll point at one of the cups and repeat “I’d like a large please.” There’s just something about ordering a Venti that’s too hipster; I just can’t do it. Who’s with me?

Me Ordering at Starbucks

Missing the Eclipse, Family, and Friends

This morning (in fact nearly the entire day) turned out to be cloudy and foggy, so, unfortunately, the sky wasn’t visible at all for the Eclipse :(

By the way, I had like 2-3 eclipse puns ready to through in this section, but I decided to leave them out because they were pretty lame :P

A bunch of family and friends gathered today up in Oregon, not only for the eclipse but also Adam and Jen’s wedding (congrats guys!) I was bummed out I couldn’t make it. I realized today that I’ve never been away from home this long before (and there’s still quite a bit of road left ahead).

I’m excited to get a little further South so I can see Amanda, visit friends, etc…

Home Away From Home

The Airbnb I’m staying at tonight is fantastic! The host, Annie, made a home-cooked meal and invited me to have dinner with her and her family at their house this evening. Wow, what a great time meeting some awesome people and eating a delicious meal. An excellent way to end the day!