Day 17

Orick, CA -> Eureka, CA

High-five! I made it out alive from The Palm! Heading out from Orick to Eureka - I was glad to get a little less elevation change.

Changing Landscapes

Today took me through quite a range of terrain. When I left Orick, I was surrounded by redwoods. The trees then started to become more and more sparse as the sun began to rise.

Sunrise on the Way Out

Sunrise on the Way Out

The landscape then became to morph into beaches and coastline.

Ocean 1
Ocean 2

Back to the Coast

From there it changed to wooded bike paths and bridges.


Bike Paths and Then a Bridge Out

And then all of the sudden I was out in the middle of nowhere again.

Country 1
Country 2

Back Out into the Country

Literally Out in the Middle of Nowhere

Before arriving in Eureka.


Made it to Eureka!

A Herd of Elk

On my way out this morning, I came across a herd of elk. I’m guessing there were probably 25-30 of them and a few of them began crossing the road I was taking. I had no idea these things were so big!


A Herd of Elk

They weigh about 500 pounds and are about 4 feet tall to the shoulder. I gotta say it was a little nerve racking passing by these things. They seemed skittish enough, but I’m pretty sure they could easily trample me if they wanted to.

Proceeding Carefully...

Who Needs Shampoo?

So, I haven’t been able to come by any shampoo for a few days, so I’ve been using soap instead to wash my hair. Surprisingly, it seems to work pretty much just as good as shampoo, which got me thinking. Do we really need to have all of these different shower products? Soap, day time face scrub, night time face scrub, shampoo, conditioner, etc.. etc.. Why not just use soap?

Check Out Those Naked Ladies

While I was out on one of the country roads, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Standing right beside the road were dozens of Naked Ladies! They were just out there in the open, flaunting themselves to passer-bys. I couldn’t help myself and just had a grab a picture.

Naked Ladies

Oh My! Some Naked Ladies

Okay, so that was a really bad joke, but it reminded me of when I was a little kid. My dad used to make that joke all the time and wait for my mom to throw him a look :P

Tomorrow I’m going to have a bit of a short ride to take a bit of a break. I still plan on riding every day until the end of the trip, but maybe just a few smaller rides to catch some rest.