Day 16

Crescent City, CA -> Orick, CA

I started out today with a climb out of Crescent City into the Redwoods. It began with peddling uphill for a while. After that, it continued uphill.

Heading Out of Crescent City

Heading Out of Crescent City

Later, it kept going up-hill. Okay, so it was pretty much just straight uphill for the first hour to hour and a half of the day :P

Sill Heading Out of Crescent City

Still Heading Out of Crescent City

Let’s Get Nerdy for a Minute

Because I’m nerdy, I like to mark charts of stuff that I have in spreadsheets. Here’s a chart so far off the difficulty ramp up of the trip.

Difficulty Ratings So Far

Difficulty Ratings So Far

The difficulty rating is the number of feet in elevation over the number of miles for the day. So, the bigger the number, the more difficult the ride is. Today hit 61, meaning that for every mile ridden, there was 61 feet of uphill elevation. It’s been steadily increasing since I got into Oregon.

Spoiler Alert: There’s a 93 rated day coming up on Wednesday, which I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make it through or not.

Riding into Orick

After the climb, it dropped me into Klammeth, where there was some kind of salmon festival going on (which, unfortunately, I did not partake in). However, Klammeth was kind enough to leave me with a gift on the way out of yet another climb.

And also reminded me of how far I still had to go :P

Long Way to Go Still

Long Way to Go Still

Once, I got to the top though; it was an enjoyable ride down an 8% grade for a couple of miles. To give those from my home town a bit of context, the Cuesta Grade is about a 7% grade - so this was quite steep. Here’s a video of the way down - I’ve sped it up so you can see it in a reasonable amount of time.

Not Really That Fast, The Video is Just Sped Up

The Palm

Tonight I’m staying over at the lovely Palm Motel and Cafe.

The Palm

The Palm

Spoiler Alert #2: It’s neither clean nor comfortable.

I wonder if I made the right decision to stay here? but there aren’t a lot of options around. In fact there are exactly zero other options around :P

So I think I’ll make the best of it and I’ll just call it “The Palm” - that way it sounds fancier and I’ll feel better about it. Kind of like Joe Dirt pronouncing his last name Dírté.

Here are just a few things people have had to say about The Palm

The rooms were filthy, the neighbors loud and crude (there is a biker bar right next door that went on very loudly and with much profanity pretty much all night)

Hmm, let’s try another one:

The place felt very creepy, like you’d want a baseball bat under your pillow just in case. The door didn’t feel sturdily locked so we put a table and chair in front of it.

Heh, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds, but it certainly is an experience, that’s for sure!

Random Thing That Happened

Have you ever seen a big, bearded dude walking down the street with a tiny black kitten on a leash, who was trotting along swatting at bugs on the sidewalk? (The kitten I mean, not the dude) I have… earlier today in Crescent City!

Tomorrow I’m headed out early to Eureka - talk to ya’ll then.