Day 11

Lincoln City, OR -> Yachats, OR

My favorite day of cycling so far on the trip! 50 miles down to Yachats on the Central Coast of Oregon (I’m still not quite sure how to pronounce the name of the town).

The Oregon Coast is Breathtaking!

At the Top of Otter Crest, Overlooking Newport

At the Top of Otter Crest, Overlooking Newport

Wow, what a change in scenery from yesterday! I rode along the beach pretty much all day today.

Coast Pic 1
Coast Pic 2
Coast Pic 3
Coast Pic 4
Coast Pic 5

Pics Along The Coast

Here’s some video I took as well.

Riding by the Beach

I climbed up to Otter Crest Loop, which had an absolutely breathtaking view from the top. It looked like it was photoshopped, but it was real life - the pictures don’t do it justice at all.

I then coasted down into Newport where I stopped by a local bike shop.

From Otter Crest to Newport

I’ve been having a little bit of wrist pain, and some of the people I’ve been talking with, as well as cyclists on Reddit, were recommending to raise my handlebars a bit.

So, I stopped by Bike Newport, and they helped my add a spacer underneath my bars and raise them up a few inches. Thanks guys! In talking with the guys at the shop, it sounds like things are starting to get a little crazy around here with the eclipse coming. Newport is a town of about 9,000, and they’re expecting 90,000 people here on Monday. I hope I’m far enough south by Monday to avoid all the eclipse craziness.

On My Way to Yachats

I then made my way down to Yachats where I’m staying tonight in a little bike hostel.